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Gisele Prassinos

Gisele Prassinos? - Women and surrealism - tribe.net:


One day, it was cold.

Over the river spread a white sheet, hiding the uniformly somber hues of that day.

When night fell, a man came up out of the water. He made for a hollow in the stone, where already a dog had taken refuge. In the light from a luminous corner of the sky, I could make the man out: he wore on his head an immense funnel of string, delicately worked and adorned with sharp pebbles, which he had had a tinker friend make, in exchange for a ball of red thread."

the young persecuted girl

A young girl who was in bed was afraid lest a butterfly she saw that morning came to wake her. Before going to bed, she put on a necklace of fresh chervil and little dull glass ladybirds, striped with yellow wax cloth. She was very proud of it and thought the butterfly wouldn't dare touch here when it saw that she was not alone.

my sister

I know my sister smells of bananas. Her large hair, when it rubs my nose, has the ordinary smell of missed dessert. But when she turns toward me and her mouth opens to smile at me, I like the new smell so much I feel like biting her lips and tongue. Underneath there is something that cracks and carries you away.

Soon my sister will fall asleep. I take her pointed arms and cross them over her eyes so that the last light will close them altogether. But she keeps smiling triumphantly at me and the strong odor rises, so strong that suddenly I think of killing my sister in order to take it from her.

I sink my knife in, cutting through her pretty gown. Under the sheets her hands are cold and white. Mine, too alive, have no strength, but I see in her hand, a little puckered fruit made of shiny rose fragments that I melt between my fingers.


George J. Dance said...

Prassinos wrote in French. Who is the translator?

George J. Dance said...

Sorry, I didn't leave my email.

I'm trying to find who translated Prassinos's "Blackday".

Steven Barritz said...

Wakefield Press is set to release a book of hers "The Arthritic Grasshopper and Other Tales" this December.