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Basa Andere--Rufus C. Camphausen

"(Basque, 'forest-woman') In Basque legend Basa Andere is said to be a beautiful woman, 'perfectly shaped' for love and covered all over with soft, golden hair like a cat's. This Basque 'wild lady' can usually be met near a sunlit stream in a forest, where she awaits the wanderer while combing the hair of her soft belly with a golden comb.

It is said that the pleasure of making love to a Basa Andere is so intense that a man will die from it at the height of his orgasm. The dead are found with their backs arched in the agony of unimaginable pleasure.
(From The Encyclopedia of Erotic Wisdom by Rufus Camphausen, 1991. Rochester, Vermont: Inner Traditions)"

ARDAT-LILE They are noted for the voracity of their sexual appetites, and for the delight they take in doing harm to mankind.

BASILISC A monster who comes into existence as the result of some deviant sexual act, most commonly, sodomy.

CENTAURS Much more than the Satyrs, the Centaurs were forever lecherously inflamed.

CHUIAELS (or CIJURREYLS) Hindu succubi who perform fellatio until the very life is sucked out of the enraptured victim.

CORYBANTES Asiatic - orgiastic rites and wild dances.

DRUJAS (or DRUJES) noted for their raging lust, deceitfulness and general corruption. They delight in "crime and pollution," and their main objective is to lure others to ruin, pain and depravity.

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