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coupremine is interested in mashing together multiple strands of the experimental writing/making/hacking community engaged in anomalous practices and investigations.  broadly conceived of as writing in the expanded internet field, the journal intersects aspects of radical poetics, new media exploration, hacktivist culture, and interdisciplinary research with an eye to the pragmatics of alterity.  this is the literature of exception, bent on exploding what's acceptable in a technocratic world of documents, and in resituating that with attention to liminal exclusion.  coupremine is a proud subsidiary of x-o-x-o-x.com, incorporated.  please spam us at xoxoxcom@gmail.com.

some things we like:

- hacking protocols, instructions, diyscience projects, lists, instructables, maker projects, how to videos

- interactive work, work that links onto another site/page, video game art, e-lit, visual-kinetic work

- multimedia work, video, sound, gifs, animations, flash

- theoretical work, lit crit, art crit, hybrid manifesto/poetry/theory, philosophical essays, critical work on coupremine pieces

*submission format details*:

- web-specific work (video, sound, interactivity) should be prepared to be embedded in a post, or in a web page that can be linked from the blog.

- text/image work should be prepared in .doc/.odt format using an A5 paper size (148 mm x 210 mm // 5.8 x 8.3 inches) with 1.5cm/0.6 inch margins

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