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ayşegül tözeren

bireyliğin parçalanışı

"bireyliğin parçalanışı" means, "disintegration of individuality" in English. "birey" means "individual" and "bir" means "one".


"Hattat" means, "calligrapher". "Tahta at" means "wooden horse"

ivana vollaro

Paul Anders, Jihane El Meddeb, Sarah Kéryna, Marie-Céline Siffert, Dorothée Volut

5 sans edith

bob brueckl

Cramp humming hew whipped pork boo

rinse glob guzzles wrench glue heel,
each lob chew rash oink bent,
cramp humming hew whipped pork boo,
syntax laser sock thigh guzzled dump,
sand shot cream mottled bared ham,
gravel clock hushed mud sleep slap,
earlobe dense clang dormant tumble grime,
ice wiper flap smelt spore pelt,
ditch roar itch gore sucked lube,
peach rash cinder rinsed toot collapse

hymn crazed arf, lingered scree rudder, slope screech lobs,
lope crammed stir, custard into hurling, hazy gone ice,
whack one an, hack bun shot, drop razed towards,
goo sand shit, thing sock hearing, peaked rifting against,
gust sock scraping, crashing rifting off, shingle clasp face,
lasp clam dome, spew rasping shore, ore lunging whapped,
breathe smelt core, creeping melt fork, gashing slugs smoldered,
scratching mold ire, doubting reef nod, slapping loomed wiping

plunger rip drop radish ear, stuttered soggy,
nuzzled drip wipe corny behind, endured sock,
nuts gust raft ear be, groggy mute,
hew east eat rear cubes, clattered blot,

chew sun meat am rustling, shape dork,
mist crater rip ram stencil, oft ear,
puddle coughed mud map nightly, falling stuttered,
crisp lies cue hump flog, stunned uttered,
lathered flopping wire rut baste, oil broken,
rip grizzled ire luggage knock, glisten cheap,
clamber leaking bleat dimly sock, listen still,
amber shade hang heel tumble, never lint,
meat ghost growl hole flag, shuddered mildewed,
crate trembled dice none blut, shudder dripping,
glop poked ice one wurst, red ripping,

fennel crock link shed crackers,
numb droop behind hind heap,
clog grease gasp hefty hymn,
down drench pee crotch umber,
I at ate ass me,
I at ate tree sod,
I at ate lapping light,
I at ate an jolts,

balls crunch kinda poo runny,
guts nape lax slaked flapping,
jolts lapping umber crotch rot,
faucet rudder clone sod light,
funnel bloat lost rubble sodden,

ouch cells rain mud,
flake crud cuddled dinge,
ass sodden jaw rubble bloat,
fennel crock iron raw hose notes,
sticky slab ticky frothing ass,
droop plunge hind slapped rasp,

closet molt ouch loll wrists,
fingered oomph stomachs glowing piss,
moldy dung damp lowing spoons,
iffy knot wreath pokes gland,
hair ding lunge pokes down,

jug air dinge pent clipping,
tore fuzzy foam mouth bits,
ore waft whap hopping scree,
crispy aft gas pillow cuddled,
bullet snow soaking mattress tomb,
bust flake crud ack bung,
bang couch stems muscled rain,

ham natter wavered mute hiney,
sand door broom rifting oodle,
preyed sugar mustard shiny gate,
bundle meat moon mud creep,
lake ear limb natter wavered,
fin gashed lopping sore smell shaken,
smell lock sorta baffle ripping,
night rifting door sand smoulders,

lopping sore tumble rash trash,
crow heaved tumble ark off,
fin gashed tense trash ant,
grease luster hustled licking shingle,
map bluster raged bawling tongue,
hiney sand smoulders snort wad,

blat crossed numb numbers trunk,
ire wing blur ick ass,
ire wing blur nip bush,
ire wind blur nip moo,
emptied moo bush hah coffed,
gushing top long ick nip,
towel breaking shaken blat grass,

come back core wad tone,
alter air core egg shot,
mandible spoons dripping flame sump,
ass cram slap sticky rub,
burr hand trunk inside smoke,

oodle eel my mute hiney,
flo gate am nails melt,
broom drifting wall rifting cheek,
sand smoulders snort burning wad,

(all words from John M. Bennett poems)

bruce andrews

from "Mistaken Identity"


The situation has a situation
Electro-convulsive opinions eat us
Pig brink dollarization, the marriage of money gobble gobble money
Profit margin american cream dream cultures of vultures
A social predicament, the losers are self-preoccupied
Jellyfish FBI -- are you a vending machine?
Who fights the free? -- at least the exploited ones have a future
Dayglo ethics, corporate global chucksteak
Lose the flag, nightstick imitation value goosing me
Estados Unidos, suck o loaded pistol
Scale model blonde -- zoloft, paxil, luvox, celexa
Need money? -- it's easy, it's simple
Dot-commie foreskin arrevederci
Hot mark-up johnny on the spectacle
You as the human labor saving device
Culture, please -- all very non-missionary
Massive doses of dog tranquilizer -- to stop being reeducated
Hostesss of the ecosystem
Supoena the rocket so angsty
Self-catapulting PFC shimmy
Stiletto, spice it up -- live & die for the hell of it
Viva las vegans
Future suture stipend stutter
Only your insecurities make you jealous
Nasty simulacra -- you jerk, you forgot your pistol
Bunny potlatch -- Slam Slam Happens
Integrabby glisses up
You're the cowboys, we're the cattle
And Scrooge McDuck
The non-oligarchical wisecracker irritainment
Listen honey, we call it passive regressive
Dirt at crime scene -- cineplex moonshine foxtrot
White Collar Hairnet -- Burn-outs for Christ
Culture dead codehead down, pre-rave accessorizing the wick
Wallet had icing
Cops money satan
So contextual it squirted
A spore with a scholarship -- to reconcile the pre-ops
Bankroll some more pronouns bail to the chief
Contras got drug cash
Trustees in a world of pleat
The dotted line barks back to restooge our rights
PRISTINA -- rub our jobs on it
Red army faction -- well done, Society Members
The more reactionary & stupid, the more popular
Guillotine volunteers -- delighted
Eat the free-for-all, ephemera on cruise control
We just want it easy
Fat cats & middlemen, too many pills
Money to bork, licky-splitty totalizing enough


helen white

happy people are successful / uw werk kan u de dood injagen

david-baptiste chirot

hands fly, voice & eyes travel 126

light remains 060

rough saints 001

hands fly, voice & eyes travel 124

john veldhoen

Though obviously Poe, and oulipo, I also bathe my holy molars in orange pop realist/unchaste slashes of transparent incidental prose that mixes armature/ sense, story/fable. A virtual identity crisis of combined discourses intermixed impure, polyphonic, porous vs. strict L-A-N-G-U-A-G-E. This goes against any normative for outlandishness, and for genuine unconcern for anything proper regarding the rhetoric of moral value, or seriousness, save my own undying self-esteem, and affinities. Until I become selected, aphoristic, dubious, or unrewarding to myself, ringing the circles of life as lingua, finding sense in fragments of originally constituted thoughts, differenced, older.

I'm not an atomist, except as experimental miniaturist. I don't always direct my efforts to irreducible thing-making, like stone. More conduit of lyrical tide... but failing to catch water, like Lorca, if I had a soul. As is often the case, all I manage is to build outwards, metamethistanai. Rilke is all I think about now. Composing in conceptual blocks of flatly imagistic prose, in occasional outbreaks of rabid attacks of sunlight.


Lyric I don't understand from Men w/o Hats song 'Pop Goes the World'. Does this mean Dr. Benway?

"Send al gunn to see the doctor (ben)."

NURSE: “I think she’s gone, doctor.”

DR. BENWAY: “Well, it’s all in the day’s work.” He walks across the room to a medicine cabinet…. “Some fucking drug addict has cut my cocaine with Saniflush! Nurse! Send the boy out to fill this RX on the double!”







mylene lauzon


Bruits lents une veste de cuir lente à venir dans cette ville plouc plouc en sourdine plutôt une fumigène sale dans ville avec monstre corps du roi en veste brune et langue de miel presque brune rehaussés tous les grains de beauté dans la ville qui drague qui paie cash avec chats et lèse lasse sans corps qui l’aurait cru qui drague corps du roi s’énerve et reprend veste à l’épaule l’arme à la gauche l’index au cul mon cœur lent à venir dans cette ville cantilène de sainte Eulalie ma chapelle qui sait drague celui qui chie sur sa porche son proche n’importe où dans les mains de sa ville mon monstre en catimini bruit lent à venir s’invente des jeux de pieds sur dalles froides grises presque pâles nos bruits nos mains à venir jointes Place jeu de balles et jeu drague ville ouverte à cuire n’importe quelle peau d’un coup d’œil Eulalie besoin veste corps du roi sur épaules prêt chapelle pendule plouc en meute monstre les cloches grises rappellent le lent à venir cuir qui s’énerve en lèse et veste en fille et garçon peu importe dans quel tas de rimes le pied s’enfonce sans jeux sans balles froid retour déjà quelle drague lente sans bruit sans commune à quelle adresse ces grains vivent rehaussés encore en monstre corps brun miel chapelle qui regarde ouvre rime et devient rose chair saumon dans quelle ville s’étend cette eau-là qui boit encore sale cette eau-là qui l’aurait cru Eulalie fume courbe-toi connasse corps du roi sourd sans cuir fait plouc dis plouc pas star constellation merde.