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hildegaard of bingen

O quam mirabilis est prescientia divini pectoris,
que prescivit omnem creaturam.

Nam cum Deus inspexit faciem hominis,
quem formavit,
omnia opera sua in eadem forma
hominis integra aspexit.

O quam mirabilis est inspiratio,
que hominem sic suscitavit.

lilian banuelos


"/los mil y un ………. aún rezagados
/los mil y un ………. aún rezagados
/los mil y un ………. aún rezagados
/los mil y un ………. aún rezagados
/los mil y un ………. aún rezagados

/los mil y un vámonos aún rezagados"

anna malfaiera

"I can no longer laugh with real joy
I can no longe use words with any meaning
I even doubt the ones
I had thougt were full of real warmth
I can only confirm the daily error
the monstrous complications the incurable disease
the deformed limbs the murders the war
the contagions from the radioactive air.
Men are irrational weak and vile.
Into this world I refuse to bring a child."

fernando millan

anna luisa karsch

"He was by Furies nurtured who with savage lust
First ground gunpowder, first a bullet cast."

Seiichi Niikuni

Seiichi Niikuni

marta paredes

dorothee volut

Inspiration - Les cahiers de Benjy:

"je vais cesser de parler je vais poser mes lèvres sur une matière je ne veux plus parler je ne veux vais je ne veux vais je ne veux vais poser mes lèvres sur un volume surface solide plein de résistance molle et contact les appliquer longtemps longtemps les coller complètement ni suce ni aspiration justement appliquer le vide contre le vide et toucher la surface en face je veux vais me coller à la surface en face je veux vais me faire glisser jusque sur sa face je veux vais supprimer l’air entre mes lèvres et l’autre surface je vais me coller à la surface je"

angela genusa

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emese bakos

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thomas browne

religio medici

"In our study of anatomy there is a mass of mysterious philosophy…"

helen chadwick

yassar kaba


"if you can't breathe, you can't scream"

william king

how to eat:

"Unless some Sweetness at the Bottom lye,
Who cares for all the crinkling of the Pye?


The child who nightly to the larder skulks
Will grow a Belly of unwieldy Bulk.


Eat Beef or Pye-crust if you'd serious be.
A Shell-fish'll raise Venus from the Sea.


Some Sauces act as Friends, and others Foes:
The Roguish Mustard, dang'rous to the Nose.


May clouds of Pigeons round about thee fly
But condescend sometimes to make a Pye.


Where Love of Wealth and rusty Coin prevail,
What hopes of sugar'd Cakes or butter'd Ale?


In private draw your Poultry, clean your Tripe,
And from your Eels their slimy Substance wipe.


Many a Man who falls out with his Wife
With soft'ning Mead and Cheese-Cake ends the Strife."

jenny allan

and, in fall:

"The opposite of an abbreviation is two going where one cannot.
In its longer form does silence mature?"

kathryn rantala


"eye mote mite grommet
I almost
don't sleep much anymore
I never
do not don't
I my
grommet mote mite might lash middle I'mmm
mile mite
eye grommet
more so ever I do not
do I very much ever sleep here
and in the brain swells
lace mite mote lash mile might eye let
I never very mile much mote sleep
any more
I don't sleep
anymore mite
very much
I don't don't mote much
very more
I don't."

patrick gulke