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14 - You should not buy a donkey which brays; it will split (?) your midriff (?).

15-18You should not locate a field on a road; ....... You should not plough a field at (1 ms. adds: a road or) a path; ....... You should not make a well in your field: people will cause damage on it for you.

51-52You should not draw up water which you cannot reach (1 ms. has instead: grasp): it will make you weak.
1 line unclear

32 - you should not commit robbery; you should not cut yourself with an axe.

44-46You should not scatter your sheep into unknown pastures. You should not hire someone's ox for an uncertain ....... A safe ...... means a safe journey.

126You should not pass judgment when you drink beer.

148 - Zi-ud-sura, let me speak a word to you: you should pay attention!

170-171Fate is a wet bank; it can make one slip.

168-169A name placed on another one ......; you should not pile up a mountain on another one.

264It is inconceivable (?) that something is lost forever.

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