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hayashi fumiko

Fly To Me, Boiled Egg
(Ude tamago tonde koi)

Fly to me, boiled egg.
Fly to me, bean jam bun.
Fly to me, Strawberry bread.
Fly to me, Chinese noodle soup.
-- Hayashi Fumiko

Winter Is Almost Here
(Mo jiki fuyu ga kuru)

Winter is almost here
the sky has said so
winter is almost here
the mountain trees say so.
The dazzling rain runs to tell us
The postman has put on his round hat.

The night has come to tell us
winter is almost here
the mouse has come to tell us
in the ceiling it has begun to make its rest.
Carrying winter on their backs
many people are coming from the country.
-- Hayashi Fumiko

Passion For Snow
(Yuki ni yoseru netsujo)

In the field a vast snowstorm
I become simply a single eagle
Wings spread to the full
Full of spirit
Spreading out my passion as far as I am
One Stroke!
I'll zoom over the field.

Twisting and turning
A beautiful cannonball of snow
I put on a red hat
Both hands open wide
My heart opens wide
I open my eyes as wide as I can
Rolling over and over I'll cover myself in snow.

That pure bluish-white snow!
Scattered clouds rising up from the snow
Ah, rising up bit by bit my head a sphinx
I'll drink up the field, the mountains, the snow and the houses.

The sphinx on the snow
Has breathed in the sky, tears flying from its eyes
Mouth full
A full deep breath
Rolling and shaking its breast as hard as it can.

On the glorious blossoming earth
Cannonballs of snow fly generously
With all my strength
Stamping my feet as much as I can
I shall draw the bow with all my strength!
-- Hayashi Fumiko

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