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gherardo bortolotti

some errors of appraisal

on the just future one, on the ambition, to twisted, limitlessly perfectible trusting in scorrette on immigration or the grammar and in the distribution of the long sense the tree that I suppose to advertising, from the common places, attributed, in of the speech that I have undertaken, of which desires and malafede. kristine debell. compromises to the decrease between yours of possibilities, deturpati from some installations taken with the life like real object

and grammaticale. scaling light, of the evidence of the world to the persons who I have loved, than has own life to me on the talent that some voices you slags, occupy the warehouses of mine of the average, the notion of my existence confidence in just the destiny, on rio futuro, sull' ambizione, a torto, illimitatamente perfettibili. fiducioso nella scorrette sull' immigrazione o la grammatica e nella distribuzione del senso lungo l' albero che suppongo a pubblicitari,

dai luoghi comuni, da attribuivano, in del discorso che ho intrapreso, di cui desideri ed malafede. kristine debell. compromessi al ribasso tra i tuoi di possibilità, deturpati da alcune installazioni prese con la vita come oggetto reale e grammaticale. scalando luce, dell' evidenza del mondo. alle persone che ho amato, che mi hanno propria vita sul talento che alcune voci ti scorie, occupano i magazzini della mia dei media, la nozione della mia esistenza

fiducia nel proprio destino, sulla spinta del e the rooms less attended the capitalistico way of production abstraction of the procedures and erections in my office, psiche, infesting my dreams in a drawing-room of mark to areas of your choice excesses of have more want than in the investments in entroterra of the production way capitalistico. the medium values "to avoid the manipulation and the symbolic participation". dissipation of the narrating voice

goes industrial panoramas to you opacity of the frustration, arranged in the arc of the chaos of ipermercato. the regions of mine of characteristic moments of the failure, to the opinions week some products with labels like: fact to suffer, to which international finance I do not use methodical of drugs, in occasion whose rests of sintagmi. the wars in Yugoslavia pensado to the future, are dissipated, like heat fidelity to the thought that I cannot attend,

because occupied from others, from the slogan social operating jargon of of own of loading thinking itself, the pyramid however, like closings of mental operations of my feelings failure of the sleeping partner fantascienza not suspicion not even the existence in foreign lands sum zero, like chosen of shirts, to think a vanguard appearing of the spirit arranges experts skirmishes of an imminent desperation email headings, rammemorazioni of far evenings, cover

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