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maurice oliver

Instructions To S/He Who Waits

Then finally, I make a list of the things we won’t need:

-Hula honey in the airplane propeller.

-A stand-in knot of arsenal bondage.

-Any spittish trail that pours out of chance.

-Straw bales from your marooned pelvic purse.

-Any trifle act of a same-sex drought.

-Every go-go boot germ in a robot’s heartbeat.

-Four synonyms for male perversity worry beads.

-All ink fountains of mastectomy cheeks.

-The rejection slip of a steel-toed jodhpurs.

-Chest wax designed for a cruise missile.

-Fragrant stirrups encased in a falsetto toll box.

-And of course, the rubber pulley of gesture implants.

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